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Titus County Cares was formed in May of 2005 as a result of the Ministerial Alliance (a group of pastors who met monthly; founded in 1971) seeking a new way to expand the board and increase the help given to residents of Mount Pleasant and Titus County. At that time, the Alliance voted to form a new 10 person board made up of community leaders and pastors, and change the name to Titus County Cares.

In September of 2010, TCC became TCC Resource Center and combined 9 locations in Mt. Pleasant into one central building through the generosity of our community and winning two different contests.  The “Helping Hands” contest gave a 3,750 square foot metal building through Mueller and Texas Country Reporter and the Hometown Hero contest (sponsored by Ford) was won by TCC Board Member Gordon Nelms, who received a new Ford F-150 truck and $250,000 to give to the charity of his choice for use of building a new building or renovating a building.  Since September 2010, TCC has been located on a visible corner location, in a 6,250 square foot brick building.


Who are we?
The Titus County Cares Board of Directors is made up of community leaders and pastors who have a heart for the poor and needy in our community and the desire to do something about it. 

An umbrella organization
TCC serves people in emergency situations by giving food to help them make it through the month (Food Pantry), by sending home backpacks of food every weekend to local children in need during the school year (Food4Kids), through child sponsorship (Cares4kids), and by through partnering identified at-risk students with adults to spend time reading and engaging with literature (Titus County Reads). We consider these programs as preventative measures against homelessness, hunger, and poverty. Local businesses, agencies, and organizations have joined forces with TCC to assist in these needs.

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